Saturday, September 5, 2015

Lord & Master is live!

LORD & MASTER, the latest in my bestselling billionaire series, is live today! In it, Mia, Jake and Damien get dressed up (and tied up ☺) for some very naughty Downton-esque adventures at Mia’s new erotic club. I hope you enjoy it. It was certainly fun to write!


My name is Mia Beck, and I’m a lucky girl . . .

Billionaire Damien Call didn’t magically stop being moody just because Jake and I moved in with him. Fortunately, I've devised a strategy. I inherited a share in an exclusive erotic club, and they’re beta testing a role-play game. Surrounded by period perfect detail, members pretend to be Edwardian lords and ladies . . . or stable masters, if they prefer.

By switching up our dynamic, I hope to smooth the snags in our otherwise fabulous ménage. Neither of my lovers has trouble opening his heart to me, but I suspect Damien would benefit from exploring his dominant side, and he and Jake could be easier with each other.

That’s my goal anyway. My plan might go up in smoke when Jake and Damien concoct their own scheme for me!

The sequel to Beck & Call

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Thanks so much for continuing to buy my books. I hope you enjoy LORD & MASTER!

Best wishes until I write again,